Rocky Mountain Ski Vacations is known for a wide range of active rest people may find here. If you are a fan of healthy lifestyle and wish to get the most out of your vacation, consider the following activities we are eager to offer you:


Downhill Skiing

Our Rocky Mountain Ski Vacations Inn is located in the center of the Rocky Mountains, which gives you a perfect opportunity to practice your skiing skills, especially in winter. The place is surrounded by high mountains that protect it from strong wind. You’ll have an opportunity to enjoy picturesque views of the surrounding mountainous locations, snowy hills and gorgeous views. We have several ski trails suitable for people with different skiing experience and skills. The trails are illuminated, so, it’s possible to enjoy skiing any time of the day. This, however, is recommended to experienced skiers only. There are three ski rental stores near the inn, where you can get the required skiing equipment. Safety and quality of this equipment are beyond any doubts. You can also rent sledges here. For people, who lack skiing skills as well as for kids, we offer an opportunity to listen to the course of skiing basics and even practice the activity. This will be a perfect way to diversify your vacation and add new experience to it.


Hiking and Sightseeing

Active rest is unthinkable without hiking and sightseeing. Fortunately, Rocky Mountain Ski Vacations has much to offer you in this respect. We offer several hiking trails that differ in complexity level and length. You can choose a complex hiking trail, if you already have such an experience. If you don't have it yet or if you wish to go hiking with kids, then selecting a simpler trail will be a better solution that will make it possible for you to enjoy wonderful views of the surrounding mountains. Anyway, this is a perfect chance to encourage newcomers to feel the benefits of this active rest type.


Horse Tourism

Whatever the weather and time of the year are, you can always enjoy horse riding at Rocky Mountain Ski Vacations. This is a great way to relax, distract from your everyday problems and feel a bit closer to nature. You will be offered to choose between several routes, which differ in length, duration and complexity. If you are not sure that you will be able to ride a horse on your own or if you have never done that before, our professionals will help you with that to ensure the utmost security and satisfaction rate.



There is no a better place to improve your quad skills than mountains. So, if you are fond of this extreme entertainment, you are welcome to enjoy it at Rocky Mountain Ski Vacations any time of the year. During your ride, you will feel unforgettable emotions, the rush of adrenalin and other emotions you will remember for a lifetime. We offer three complexity levels, namely Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced. Our experienced instructor is always ready to help you with that. At your choice, you can ask for a longer and more complex routes, if you are sure about your skills and expertise.

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